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Abbot Incorporation Services Richmond VIC

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The family-run business, Abbot Incorporation Services, has been running as a corporate headquarters since 1988. The company’s Richmond VIC office is the busiest in the state, located near the famous Richmond discount factory outlet.

Abbot Incorporation Services

While the office is one of the busiest in the state, it is not the only such establishment. There are dozens of other such establishments across Australia, and some have been linked to gangland figures and bikies.

The company’s Richmond office has a number of companies registered in its name company incorporation services Singapore. These companies can be used to hide the identity of the ultimate owner or facilitate tax avoidance.

There have been reports of shelf companies being used in shady business practices, such as by Tom Kotsimbos, the owner of the Tigris Petroleum Corporation, which was linked to the Iraq oil-for-food scandal.