Are You into Bodybuilding? Learn the Importance of the Glycemic Index

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If you are a bodybuilder, you will know that one important aspect of our diet is the carbohydrates and pre jym pre workout. There are good carbs as well as average, or even bad carbs in our bodies. Good carbs will release energy slowly while the bad will release them very quickly, so we need to avoid them. The three kinds of carbs are namely refined, simple, and complex. The best are complex carbohydrates, which are the slowest in releasing energy, and refined carbs the fastest. It was difficult to tell the difference until the creation of Glycemic Index (GI).

Using the GI, we can identify the rate at which energy is being released. Carbs with low GI scale are slow at releasing their energy while a high GI scale will mean that the carbs will be very fast at releasing their energy. Knowing the GI scale is vital to our health as well, because fast energy releasing carbs will cause a ‘crash’ as they will increase the blood sugar levels very quickly and then there will be a rapid fall. This is the reason why we feel lethargic. On the other hand, slow energy releasing carbs will help us to maintain the blood sugar levels in our system, thereby helping us to maintain a constant energy level throughout the day.

To obtain the GI scale of a particular type of food, the blood sugar levels are observed over a period of 2 to 3 hours. Between a range of 0 and 100, food that ranks at GI scale of 55 or below indicates that the GI scale is low. A GI scale of 70 and below is medium while a high GI scale refers to food with high GI.

Refined carbs have a high GI scale and they are usually found in processed foods, white bread, and white rice. These foods are low in nutrients and they will cause you to feel hungry after a short while. Simple carbs have medium to high GI scale and can be found in candy, chocolate, sodas, fudge, and other high sugar content foods. However, not all simple carbs are bad for you because fruits are good and they consist of simple carbs. Complex carbs are found in vegetables and whole grains.

In bodybuilding, complex carbohydrates are needed to maintain high energy levels through the whole duration of intense workouts. You should take a portion an hour before you start your routine; exercising with a full stomach is not a good idea because the digestion process consumes a high quantity of energy, but once digestion has passed, the cars in your body will continue releasing energy for a long period of time.

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