Every year homeowners are compelled to spend thousands of dollars especially those who reside in the hurricane-prone regions. They need to repair the windows because of the breakage caused by the natural disaster. Changing windows were necessary for the past but now when there is safety window film to protect your windows why would you want to do it? These films are less expensive than any new window glass. They easily fit in any type of window and can provide great protection to your glass.


The safety window films are made from polyester and are applied to the glass to hold the broken glasses together. The films can be applied to the glass after manufacturing and installation. These films are 4 mils thick. When something hit your window the safety film holds the broken pieces in place preventing anyone getting injured.

There are many benefits you will get from safety films. These are:


  1. UV Protection: The good safety films provide UV protection to your family. Whether it is installed in a car or at your home your family will be protected from the harmful effect of sun rays. Generally, normal window glasses can’t do much to protect from UV rays. The newest windows that claim to provide UV protection can only prevent up to 71 percent UV rays. But an average safety film can stop almost 99 percent UV rays. The polyester used at these windows absorb the UV rays and don’t let to enter the building.


  1. Minimise the Energy Cost: According to the federal Govt. almost 35 to 40 percent energy in a building is used to manage the excess heat that enters through the window. Safety films can lower this amount and can lessen the energy cost. It can prevent up to 80% solar energy. Some newest safety films are built with improved technology which can reduce the amount of heat loss with its improved insulation value.


  1. Provides safety: The safety window films are designed in a way that it can protect the broken glasses in bomb blasts or in severe windstorms. These glasses are tested and certified to provide the best safety to you and your dear ones. In any adverse situation, the safety films hold the glass particles together so that the glass can’t hurt anyone.


  1. Glare Control: Nowadays lots of buildings use several windows and taken down the drapes to convert rooms into sunrooms. When this makes the buildings beautiful, it also makes some parts of rooms unusable because of the glare. Safety films can help in this regard by reducing excess glare. These can darken the windows and prevent too much light from coming through the windows.


  1. Provides Maximum privacy: Many buildings nowadays are built with maximum glasses to bring a feeling of openness. When it looks beautiful, a minimum level of privacy is required. Safety window films which are available in different decorative glasses can ensure this privacy.


There are so many benefits you will get from the safety films apart from the safety features. But a common concern regarding these films is if they can be broken in case of an emergency like during fire. The fire department tests show that though the glass is protected it can be broken from the inside without much difficulty. One can break the glass at the joint where it enters the frame. Then the entire panel can be pushed and you can get out of the building without any risk of getting injured by the sharp edges.

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