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From the beginning of the mankind diseases were something inevitable. But at that period of time it wasn’t that easy for people to cure all those diseases. At that time people used to take herbal tree root or leaves for curing their diseases. But with the progress of science and civilization, people found out the cures of diseases that were considered as death stroke once. Among all of those blessings that are known as medicine, Kratom is one of them. It is also called MitragynaSpeciosa. Kratom is a tree. It is found in South Asia Like-Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is tree of coffee family.Kratom is using as medicine from the very beginning. It is used as a sedative or stimulator. It is also used for treating pain, digestion problem etc. Thought kratom has health benefits many people doesn’t know about this. And due to lack of education about natural remediespeople doesn’t have faith on these. That’s why they don’t feel encouraged to buy it. As well as not every shop sell it.

If you use kratom in low doses then it work as a stimulant and you will feel energetic and concerned. But when you take it in large quantity you will feel sedative and it will make your senses dull. So you have to be very careful while using kratom.

The ingradiants of kratom are-

•    7-hydroxymitragynine
•    Alkaloids mitragynine

You will find kratom in capsule, tables, powderand paste form.

Kratom is a medicine for-

•    Relieving Pain: Pain is one kind of diseases that people want to relief from. In that case Kratom can be used as pain relieving medicine to make you feel better from pain.
•    Diarrhea: Kratom is a medicine for diarrhea.
•    Opiate addiction: People all over the world specially kids are addicted to drugs. Kratom is used to treat this drug addict to cure them.
•    Arthritis: This is also a disease that makes your life miserable. Kratom used to treat arthritis.
•    Restless legs syndrome: Some peoples are restless means moves or shakes all the time. It’s really annoying and painful. Restless leg syndrome can be treated by this kratom.
•    Fibromyalgia: This disease can also be treated by kratom.
•    Digestion Problem: Many people have this problem. They eat but food doesn’t digest early. Kratom can solve your digestion problem easily.

Kratom should be used once or twice in a month. Kratom can be used by the following way-

•    Kratom leaves can be chewed to have it.
•    Kratom power can be taken with water by mixing it with water.
•    Kratom can be taken by mixing with fruit juice, milk, chocolate etc.
•    Making tea with kratom leaves.
•    Smoking kratom.

Kratom are found in following different packs. Like-

•    Ultra Enhanced Kratom Pack
•    White Kratom Pack
•    Green Kratom Pack
•    Red Kratom Pack
•    Red Vein Maeng Da Kratom
•    Green Vein Malay Kratom

Buying kratom locally is not always possible. It’s notavailable in every store. People usually try to find kratom in drug store. But it cannot found in drug store because of kratom is not yet approved by FDA. Kratom can be found in various smoke shops, gas station of the country. Kratom are most available in smoke shops.

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