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  • Are You into Bodybuilding? Learn the Importance of the Glycemic Index

    If you are a bodybuilder, you will know that one important aspect of our diet is the carbohydrates and pre jym pre workout. There are good carbs as well as average, or even bad carbs in our bodies. Good carbs will release energy slowly while the bad will release them very quickly, so we need to avoid them. The three kinds of carbs are namely refined, simple, and complex. The best are complex carbohydrates, which are the slowest in releasing energy, and refined carbs the fastest. It was difficult to tell the difference until the creation of Glycemic Index (GI).
    Using the GI, we can identify the rate at which energy is being released. Carbs […]

  • Are You Creative Enough For The Gym?

    Before you start questioning my sanity, take a minute to think about it. The way I see it, you need to be creative if you’re going to commit to being fit and healthy. Why? Be honest, you know that sometimes going to the gym and everything it involves can become really… boring!
    I’m not saying that I find it boring – I love everything about fitness. Well… most things anyway. All I’m saying is that for some people, fitness presents a lot of challenges that they may never have considered. Unless they can come up with a creative solution they might end up packing it in altogether.

    Are You Creative Enough For The Gym?
    Still not convinced? Then […]