Creating Your Very Own Wooden Bike

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Sophisticated Designs with Old Style

The wooden bike has been in existence ever since it was invented by Leonardo Da Vinci. With advancements in technology, more sophisticated designs have come out. To make a full wooden bike, which includes wooden pedals and a wooden seat, would be too complicated to build. But with some metal parts, and given the proper tools, making your own wooden bike could be done right from your back yard.

To build your own wooden bike you will need 4″ hardened steel (Grade 8) 1/4″ bolts, some 3″ U-shaped bolts, a saw, 4X4 lumber wood, a bike fork, some seat clamps, some long hose clamps, a handle bar, a diagonal tube brace, a chain, an Ashtabula crank set, and a drill. The wood is used primarily for the frame and all the rest of the parts are connected to the frame of your wooden bike.

To begin we start with attaching the handle bar to the fork. Pass a ¼” bolt through the brake mount hold and use a clamp to clamp the bar to the fork. To secure the bar firmly, drill some holes through the fork and pass the 3″ u-shaped bolts through to look in the bar. This method strengthens the bars.

Also use the long hose clamps and wrap them twice around the fork and bars on each leg. For extra support, use the diagonal tube brace from the end of one bar to the fork’s fender mounting eyelet.

Next, for the bar mounting of your wooden bike, mount a short 2X2 piece of wood in between the bars and fork, in order to move the bars back for a closer reach. To get a closer position also create some adjustability with your wooden bike, attach the longer bar end extensions to the handlebars. You could use half of an old rim, or a bent branch of a eucalyptus tree, to create the flexible handle bars. The bent branch gives your wooden bike a primitive look.

Now we will attach the bottom bracket to the wooden frame of your wooden bike. The main goal here is to leave the maximum amount of wood fiber still intact for strength. Using the smallest diameter, and if possible the shortest depth as well to drill necessary holes, keeps the wood strong.

We will now attach the crank set to your wooden bike. Begin by separating the cups of the crank set from the donor frame. Use a 15″ long drill bit, and drill a ¼” hole. Then, saw off, making sure you are not sawing against the grain, ¾ on each side for the BB cups.

Next, with a 5/8″ bit, drill the pilot all the way in to house the axle. Chisel away the wood in center of the holes sawed earlier. Thread the cup, put it in place, and attach the BB cup. To keep the cups securely fixed in, screw in a 4″ plate to the frame of your wooden bike, over the cups.

Now, that your wooden bike is complete, you can take it for a test ride. Keep in mind that there are many designs out there for you to explore when building your wooden bike. The key to building a good wooden bike is to be creative and have fun when building. There are many website like this can help you providing more information about wooden bike.

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