If you’ve already invested in a golf bag that you love, and that has everything you’re looking for on the course, what do you do when you need to travel with your clubs? Traveling for business or pleasure will often put you in range of a great golf course that you’ve not had the opportunity to play before. Sure, you could borrow or rent clubs, but to play properly and really experience the course, you want to have your own equipment there with you.

So, what is a travel golf bag? This is a bag that is designed not just to hold your clubs, but to really protect them when they’re being transported. Generally, there are two types of such bags: soft shell and hard shell.

A soft-shell bag is plus and densely padded, for great overall protection of your clubs that doesn’t add weight. Generally, the soft-shell bag is a bit easier to carry, both because of the slight flexibility, and because of the manageable weight. A soft-shell golf travel bag may come with shoulder straps, handles on multiple sides, or even wheels for easy maneuvering through an airport.

The hard-shell travel golf bag has, as the name implies, a harder, more durable shell. This is an even more protective case that would especially be a good idea if you are traveling somewhere that requires you to load your clubs as checked luggage. The hard-shell case may be a little longer, as most have room to protect extra-long clubs not just standard clubs. It will almost surely have wheels and a variety of handles to give you multiple carrying options. It should also be easy to access your clubs, with a variety of zippers or openings, so that you get protection but still have convenience.

Golfers with additional clubs such as a “lob wedge” will want to consider a bag with more dividers in it. A bag with more dividers will be heavier. Then ask yourself, “How important is club organization to me?”  If the answer is “very important,” then you may want to consider a bag that has labeled dividers for each club. If you have thick grip handles, then you may want to consider a bag with full-length dividers that go from one side of the bag to the other.

A travel golf bag is often well paired with a travel locker, or small golf trunk, to carry your balls, shoes, hat, and other accessories in an organized way. A travel bag may not be necessary for everyone, but if you’ve found yourself on more than one occasion wishing you had one, or if you’re really worried about an upcoming trip and you’d love to bring your clubs with safely, it is definitely something to look into. To know more about golf bags, you can visit the website of Golf Collection.

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