The special containers called, called incense burners, can be made of wood, marble, clay or glass. If you use an incense stick, you can use any of these types of incense burners, since the rod does not burn without an aromatic substance. If you use incense without a rod, you must choose a non-combustible material to avoid fire.
Nowadays, incense burners can be a real piece of furniture, they are very beautiful, elegant, with drawings. If you do not have a special incense burner, you can use the available tools: a glass with rice, sand or salt.

1. When the incense burner is ready, simply insert the wand into the holder. If the incense burner is homemade, stick a stick in salt or sand.

2. If the room is small, it is best to use half of the aroma bars so that the pungent smell does not cause a headache.

3. Choose a place where there is a burning stick. It is best to place it away from carpets, curtains and other flammable items. Place the censer on the table (if there are no children in the house), on the shelf or on the high shelf.

4. It is not difficult to light aromatic sticks, just bring a lighter or a burning match at the end of the wand and wait until it turns on. It will not burn in the literal sense, just a barely perceptible decline. If at the end of the wand you see a red light and the wand smokes a lot, everything is in order, it did everything right. If the wand goes off, it should light up again. You’re probably lighting a wand in a shot, so it fades away.

5. Place the light rod in the holder so that it tilts with a slight angle on the support in which the ashes fall. If you are using a self-made censer, insert the bar into the volume composition so that it fits properly and does not fall out.

6. The incense stick usually burns for half an hour, but long after the combustion fills the room with its aroma.

7. Do not leave incense burner unguarded. If you need to leave urgently, simply dip the burning end of the wand into the water.

This simple way of burning incense will help you achieve the desired goal.

Benefits and Damages Of Incense Sticks

Incense will help you relax and calm down, if necessary, to improve efficiency and give your home a pleasant scent.

When choosing incense, you should pay special attention to the place where they are sold. The cheap inferior incense can consist of synthetic substances, whose combustion is very harmful to the body. To check the quality of the incense, smell the sticks through the packaging.

If they exude a harsh aroma, they should be abandoned. The real aroma sticks do not have a strong smell when they do not burn. It is better to buy this product from a reputable seller so that you know that you are getting something of good quality.

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