Gaming Technology

The video game industry and its technological investments are massive. It moves almost as much money as the film industry, but it still hides under a euphemism, electronic entertainment. It uses promotional techniques very similar to those of the big screen, although it is still considered a minor, playful format for teenagers. The E3, the great annual fair of the video games and other stuff will open this Tuesday its doors, but preceded by a rain of filtrations and announcements. To cope with gaming technology you should have a best fans for radiator with your gaming PC.

Gaming Technology

The video game industry is an unstoppable machine that constantly needs fuel. In 2018, an infinity of important video games will be launched and all the big companies will try to adapt to the new demands of the players, who increasingly play more, but fewer video games. Apart from the trends, it is undeniable that there are many video games to be taken into account and to which we must keep track in the coming months. Here we have grouped our favorites and those who have confirmed a launch date in 2018. That means, yes, that The Last of Us II is not there, because Sony and Naughty Dog have said they are going to launch it this year.

Microsoft has revealed the details of what will be the new Xbox One Scorpio that will be officially presented in the month of June, proving that this will be one of the most powerful consoles on the market. Your Xbox will have new life. Those from Seattle prepare a new console. Great news for the sector after initial doubts about the continuity of this division. With the arrival of Satya Nadella as successor to Steve Ballmer, his future remained in the air. The good sales figures and the ease to strengthen brand among younger generations have finally consolidated the most playful face of Microsoft. As for connectivity, this console will not have a Kinect port, but it will have an integrated power panel and a 4K Blu-ray player. The device will also have an audio chip with new features such as spatial audio, which could help with the use of virtual reality headsets. The games that can be enjoyed in this Xbox One Scorpio will be the same as the Xbox One allows, however in this new console, the video will be of higher quality and better loading times.

No launch dates, technical features or price have been announced. Yes, a device that is more focused on the cloud and inclusive will be safe. It will allow connecting console, PC, and mobile under the same platform. The convergence, through connectivity, will allow creating a larger base of players.

The time of an elite and extremely masculinized apparatus begins to fall behind. Six weeks ago, Microsoft introduced a command designed for people with motor difficulties. An unexpected turn was very well received. While the new hardware arrives, they took the opportunity to display the catalog, packed with classics such as Halo, one of its most recognized franchises, Forza Horizon 4 or Gears 5.
Overall, these were the technological trends and improvements for the video game industry in 2018.

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