How to Care Eyelashes

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People are very careful about their health and their body parts. In present time lots of people are aware about their health and outlook with a view to look smart and gorgeous. Both men and women are in this list. People are mostly concerned about those body parts which are visible to others. Basically nails, foot, skin, lips, nose, ears, eyes, hairs and eyelashes are included in those parts. You can see many beauty care saloon are available in every country. If we say it in specific terms then women are much ahead of men. They are very much sensitive about it. They are very much fashionable as well. You can see most of the beauty parlor are developed on the basis of women’s demand. Not only that various types of artificial parts have been manufacturing by many companies. They make artificial nails, eyelash and many more. We can know more about it if we discuss about one of those. Eyelash is one of the most attractive aspects of our body. It grows in the edge of our eyelid. This eyelash is very much sensitive. It is also related with our beauty. It is very hard to imagine a man or women without eyelash. But there is a trend for eyelash extension. Anyone can be benefited if he or she extends their eyelash artificially. Some are given below to know.

1.    It is made with water resistance facility.
2.    It saves time in spite of taking care of real eyelash.
3.    It increase the beauty and depth of your face.
4.    Add extra volume of lashes and fill the gaps
5.    No side effect
6.    Someone can choose the length of eyelash and color also.

But the main benefit of it is total look like natural. If you are using this then do not rub it. Because of it you can lose some lashes and can damage it. But we suggest that natural eyelash is better than the artificial eyelash. If someone can take proper care of it then it will be nice, long and will grow faster. There are few guidelines for taking care of these things. Most of the people want to have thicker and longer eyelash. It’s grow all in its own. There are three stage of eyelash growing. First stage is active growth stage, second stage is dormant stage and last one is falling off stage. From these stage anyone can easily imagine about the life cycle of eyelash. But it is true that it also depends on body hormone and genetic problem. If you follow some step then your eyelash will healthy and nice. Some are described below.

1.    Eat quality food, get sound sleep and most importantly water.
2.    It is very important that skin is one of the main reason of growing eyelash. Oily skin and follicles will hamper you eyelash growth.
3.    Brush you eyelash gently. It will help the growth.
4.    You can also use some serum which is manufactured especially for eyelash. Medical science approved this serum.

From the above discussion we can say that taking care of eyelash is very important for someone. Because the beauty of eyes depend on it.

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