How to groom a pet bird?

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Birds generally can take care of themselves when they live in nature. But the pet birds need some care and assistance from you. Grooming pet bird is not a difficult task to do. You just need to be careful about the health and hygiene of your bird. Keeping your bird safe and sound from the dirt, taking care of their health and hygiene is all about grooming your pet birds. Here in this article, I will share few things about how to groom your bird.

Feather care

For the perfect feather care of your bird, you need to provide your bird regular bathing option. Birds take care of their feathers through preening and preening can be done only with water. So, when you provide the regular bathing option to your birds, they can take care of their feathers by themselves. You can use the shallow bowl to bathe your bird. The size of the bowl should be depended on the size of your bird. You can use special kind of moisturizer for your bird but keep yourself away from using shampoo or soap. Bathing bowl or place should be cleaned every day after bathing. Clean water is required for meeting the bathing needs of your bird.

Nail care

A pet bird needs the nail care regularly. Bird’s nail grows very quickly, and their nails are too thick. To be saved from any type of injury, you should clip the nails of your pet bird regularly. If you can’t clip the nails of your bird, you can take it to the bird care center. They will clip the nails of your bird. Most of the birds feel so uncomfortable while trimming their nails. You can keep someone as an assistant to help you for cutting the nails. You should not make hurry while trimming the nails of your bird. Your bird may get hurt and start bleeding. It any kind of mishap happens, don’t hesitate to call veterinarians.

Wing care

Birds, whose wings grow quickly should be trimmed on time. Large wing is a threat for you for many reasons. It can hurt anyone of you while flying. It will not feel comfortable with the large expanded wings on the cage. With the large wing, your bird can fly away and never come back. Moreover, new feathers are always growing, and you need to trim the old ones so that your bird never feel uncomfortable with its growing feathers. So, regular trimming is required for the safety and good health of your pet bird. Trimming should be done with the experienced hands. If you have brought bird for petting first time at your home, you should do it with the help of the veterinarian for the first time. Then you can do it by yourself after learning the exact procedure.

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