Hurricane Impact Glass

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If you live in an area that experiences hurricanes, you may want to consider installing impact glass on your windows and doors. This type of glass is incredibly resilient and can withstand a shocking amount of damage. Learn more about this type of glass in this article. This glass is often used in commercial buildings, as well, and provides an additional level of storm and theft protection.

Hurricane Impact Glass

Impact glass is a popular choice for severe weather areas. It is designed to withstand heavy impact, which can come in the form of sleet, hail, flying limbs, and other debris. It is also highly effective at dampening sound, making it an ideal solution for houses near busy roadways or airports.

Is impact glass the same as hurricane glass

Impact glass is made by bonding two or more sheets of glass together using a special safety glaze. It also contains a UV-tinted, multi-layer protective film between the two glass panes Fort Lauderdale Impact Windows and Doors. This plastic film keeps the glass in place when it breaks and prevents wind, water, and debris from penetrating the window.

As the threat of hurricanes has increased, homeowners are making an effort to protect their homes from extreme weather events. In Central Florida, storms can cause devastating damage, so protecting your windows is especially important. In addition to hurricane protection, impact glass offers insulation during cold weather and can lower your heating and cooling costs.