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What is Aerial photography?

The photographs that are taken from an elevated position is known as Aerial photography. Most of the time it is confused with air-to-air photography, where the photographs are taken of another object floating in the sky. But in Aerial photography, the object is located on the ground. Generally, these types of photographs are taken using helicopters, UAV or drones, balloons, kites, parachutes or any vehicle-mounted poles. The camera is mounted and is triggered automatically or remotely to take photos.

History of Aerial photography

To know the history of Aerial photography you will have to go back to the year 1800 when this idea was first implemented using ladders and high towers. In thirst of shooting bird’s eye view camera was mounted on poles, even the poles were mounted on the vehicle. But none of these could quench their thirst. They kept trying using kites and pigeons to take photographs of the ground from above. In these techniques, photographers had to tie their cameras with kite or pigeon. They couldn’t take their desired photographs which resulted in using hot air balloons to shoot aerial view. After the invention of airplanes and helicopters, photographers started to use these aircraft to take aerial photos. But both of them are expensive and one need to have a good amount of budget to shoot photos in this way. Eventually, small remote controlled aircraft and UAV or drones have replaced the place of airplanes and helicopters. Nowadays most of the aerial photographs are taken using drones or UAV.

Commercial uses of Aerial photography

Commercially using Aerial photography or videography, especially in the real estate business, can be a powerful way of marketing. Using this technique you can easily lure your customers or clients towards your property. After all, there is no other way to describe those wide areas, long bridge or huge buildings than aerial photography or videography. But these photographs should be taken by the professionals only to get the perfect view. Otherwise, all your money will be wasted.

The benefits that you’ll get by commercially using aerial photography are:

  • Your products will be presented beautifully in this way, so it will achieve clients’ satisfaction.
  • Every aspect related to the products can be shown in this type of photography.
  • The viewers can understand the actual size and area of the product in this way.
  • Through an aerial photography, your customers can examine every pros and cons so no chances are left to doubt the product. Thus it becomes easier to impress your customers.

Why you should work only with the professional photographers for aerial photography or videography

Though drones or UAVs are used to shoot aerial photographs now, still you will have to spend a lot of money for it. And as you are spending your money you should spend it in the right place. The professional photography agencies understand their clients’ requirement very well and provide you the best result. Whether it is the outside view or the in-house view they can capture it anyhow you want it to. Also, they can suggest you what will be the best way as they are experienced in this field.

Morrisey Video Production is such kind of company which not only can take Aerial photographies or videographies but also can help you with event filming, digital marketing and creating Television commercials. They provide services in the entire state of Oregon and Washington. And the best thing about them is they travel to Seattle, Portland, Eugene, Salem, Tacoma, and many other places without any charge because they care about customers’ satisfaction a lot.

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