Outdoor Umbrellas Ideas

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Outdoor patio umbrellas are durable and extremely convenient. Their user-friendly, inviting style makes them the perfect complement for your patio or any outdoor setting.


Of all outdoor patio umbrellas, aluminum-framed umbrellas are the most durable and practical. The aluminum is treated with powder coat enamel that makes the frame attractive and weatherproof. The frame will not rust or peel, even after years of use. Convenient crank lift and tilting features are common in aluminum outdoor patio umbrellas.

Functional and Convenient Umbrellas

The most functional outdoor patio umbrellas come equipped with crank lifts that allow you to quickly and easily open the umbrella for use and then just as easily fold and store it for use later. Patio umbrellas with aluminum frames offer a tilting feature to finely tune umbrella coverage. Also, if you choose a free-standing or offset umbrella, you will be able to rotate it full circle. This allows you to enjoy perfect shade any time of day.


Outdoor patio umbrellas use materials that have been UV treated to make the fabric more resistant to splitting, cracking, and fading. This treatment will, of course, extend the life of the umbrella and help retain it’s clean, attractive appearance. These fabrics are also suited to withstand mild to moderate wind gusts without tearing. Though there are several colors and color combinations to choose from, remember that darker colors tend to offer more protection from the sun.


Making sure your umbrella is correctly sized for the intended area is important for two main reasons. First, if you get an umbrella that is too big for the area, you will get a lot of shade, but it will visually overwhelm the area. If the umbrella is too small, not only will you have an unbalanced look, you probably won’t have enough shade either. Generally, umbrellas should be slightly larger than the area you wish to shade such as your patio table and chairs.

Beach Umbrella

Before heading for the lake or ocean this summer, don’t forget to bring a beach umbrella. Having fun in the sun is what everyone wants, but the shade can be inviting too. Beach umbrellas are great for keeping perishable food away from the blazing sun. They’re also a good place for babies and others who should avoid getting too much sun exposure. Umbrellas are bright and colorful and are the perfect way to claim a spot on a crowded beach. These summer necessities are light, portable and built to last year after year.

Sun Protection

Too much sun exposure can result in a painful sunburn. An umbrella is the perfect way to give your body a break from the damaging rays of the sun. Umbrellas are especially good to have if infants or children will be around. Remember, always wear plenty of sunscreen when spending time in the sun. An umbrella is not meant to replace the use of sunscreen. When used with sunscreen, they can enhance the beach experience while providing optimal protection.


Many beach umbrellas feature the classic shape. They come in a variety of sizes and colors and are easily to stick into a sandy beach. They are made of durable, sun-resistant fabrics and aluminum poles. Other umbrellas have evolved into a tent-like shelter. These handy pop-up shelters provide extensive shade and accommodate one or more, depending on the size. All beach umbrellas are light weight and easy to set up and take down.

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