Prefinished hardwood flooring care

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Prefinished hardwood flooring only requires installation, as it is sanded and finished at the factory. Often people have a dilemma regarding whether to go for prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring. Therefore, it is important to consider the advantages of both these types of flooring.

In an existing home, it is always better to go for prefinished hardwood flooring, as it also ensures less mess, thereby subjecting the children or pets to less dust. If you are surely thinking about something durable for your kitchen floor, then prefinished flooring would really be an apt choice. In high humidity conditions too, prefinished floors are better as they are resistant to climatic changes. Most important, of course, is the fact that they are cheaper than unfinished floors.

On the other hand, if the wood floor is to be installed throughout the house, it is better to go for unfinished floors, since; it would ensure uniformity of color and finish. What is most interesting is that you get more choices of color and size with unfinished wood.

Floors take a lot of pressure, usually. From footsteps to dirt and grimes, spillage, and all make a floor really looks tired at the end of the day. One has to know the perfect way to clean the hardwood floor. Swiffer hardwood floor vacuum cleaner can clean the hardwood floor much better than anything else. If you are in a rush always but want to provide the best attention to your floor, you can rely on this vacuum cleaner.

Prefinished hardwood flooring generally only comes in widths of four inches or less. Floors with more than four inches width is undoubtedly a poorly designed product and may start to show signs of warping in humid summers or cold winters. It is also important to consider whether these floors have splinter edges, to hook your socks. The finish should thus be fine. The floors should be resistant to scratches and dents. This can be ensured by taking a piece of fine steel wool when you go to the showroom. Only polonium or aluminum oxide conversion finishes resist such scrubbing.

A very popular type of laminated floor is the floating floor. It is the best alternative to irregular subfloors that cannot deal with the glue down the operation of the normal laminated floors. It is also important to buy prefinished flooring, which usually comes with warranties.

So, if you can take proper care of your prefinished hardwood floor after installing it properly, you will be able to ensure the durability and shine of your wooden floor.

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