Pros and Cons of Surveillance Camera System for your Home

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Installing surveillance camera system will ensure the safety of your home. Many people could not afford this type of system because of the high price. However, now they are more affordable than before. There are many pros and cons of installing surveillance camera system for your home. I will write about them here.

Pros of Surveillance Camera System

The pros of surveillance camera system are described below.


You can monitor your home anytime, anywhere on a single computer. You can check for break-ins via these cameras. You can also check if your children and pets are okay, the employees are performing their duties, etc. moreover, you can check who enters your property and who is at your front door from anywhere.

Deter Burglars

Surveillance camera can help you get rid of burglars. When they will see the camera, they may not attempt to rob your home.


You can also record the video footages. They might come in handy when you have to settle a dispute or you need to address some problems with others. In addition, video footage is the best evidence in a court case.

Saving Money

You can reduce homeowners’ insurance premium by installing surveillance camera. This camera can alert you about fires, leaks, floods, earthquakes, etc. Therefore, insurance companies will provide you a discount to a policy when you show proofs of having surveillance camera.

Communicating with the Authorities

You may not have a phone with you to notify the authority when a crime occurs. With surveillance camera installed, you can utilize the security company to alert the authority. The camera makes it easier and quicker to convince the company about the crime.


The system is affordable; therefore most people can install it in their home.

Cons of Surveillance Camera System

Following are the cons of installing surveillance camera system.

Cannot Stop Crime

Surveillance camera can prove who has committed the crime. However, it cannot stop the crime from happening.

Wireless Surveillance Camera

If the surveillance system is wireless, it may face interference and loss of signal. Moreover, it can be hacked or compromised.


A smart intruder may know how to avoid being detected on the camera. This will make the whole point of installing a surveillance camera futile.


Maintaining the camera and the monitor can be a costly affair. You will also need a hard drive to store the video footages you are recording. This will also add to the cost.

Privacy Issue

Privacy is an important issue. Many families and their guests think it as an intrusion as they are aware of being constantly monitored. This is a loss of privacy for them.

Before you install surveillance camera system in your home, consider the pros and cons carefully.

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