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Specializing in Commercial and Residential Roofs

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SIG Roofing is a UK-based company that provides roof products and services for commercial and residential properties. Its innovative technologies and APIs enable it to deliver a range of customized solutions that make life easier for building owners.

Residential Roofs

From roof repairs to whole new roof construction, SIG Roofing offers the right roofing solution to suit the needs of any client. Listed below are some of the company’s main areas of expertise. Read on for more information!

Roofing and Construction

SM Roofing Supplies in Pelsall, Walsall, is a long-established, independent supplier of quality roofing supplies commercial roofing in Wetherby. Founded in 1993, the company now employs eleven staff and is one of the leading roofing suppliers in the region.

SM Roofing Supplies

SM Roofing Supplies will maintain its own brand name, with full support from SIG Roofing’s nationwide supply network. The acquisition of SM Roofing Supplies further enhances SIG ROOFING’s first-class service offering to customers. This includes the use of a leading range of roofing supplies and training provisions.

SIG has a diverse range of products

As the largest UK roofing specialist, SIG has a diverse range of products to meet the needs of customers throughout the country. SIG Roofing Supplies stocks a wide variety of roof materials, including tile, slate, and metal roofing.

The company has more than 110 branches

The company has more than 110 branches across the country, so it is well-represented in any area of the UK. However, it is important to note that SIG UK Exteriors is not a competitor. It is a global brand, but its UK operations deliver local expertise and a national voice.