For many reasons we need money. Without it there is less scope to do something. Most of the activities we do in our everyday life are related to money. We are not all same, according to financial status. So, people take loans from various types of financial institutions like bank for doing something. In most of the countries people follow this activity. It is also an easy way to get the loan. Some people who are financially established to also give some loan against some guarantee. The bank also takes these types guarantee. When people are not able to pay his or her mortgage, then the lender takes the control the borrowers assets and try to sell it to recover the loan. It is called foreclosure. It is not a good sign for the house owner. When this scenario comes then a black mark will be attached to the owner’s credit. This process is totally legal. In many countries this happens. It is true that there is no other option for the lender. But the lender does not want to go to foreclosure. They want to give some more time with less monthly installment to recover the loan. If the house owner not able to repay it, then the foreclosure comes. In Canada, you will get these types of assets easily. There are lots of houses which are undervalued. If someone buys those using some bargaining power then they will get a huge profit from it. There are trusted website where foreclosure listing is available and that is You also get the latest update on it. The process of foreclosure is very simple, but kills huge time. All the stages are described below to know more about it.

1. Missed Payment: We can call it as a starting point of foreclosure where the homeowner or the borrower fails to make his or her payment of mortgage. This is happening due to various types of reasoning like unemployment, divorce, physical difficulties and death as well. The process is the waste time and money as well for the lender. So lender wants to avoid foreclosure as the borrower does.

2. Public Notice: A public notice will be recorded by the lender if the house owner or the borrowers miss the payment for the last six months. It will show the borrower as a defaulter. This notice also known as NOD in some countries, which means a Notice of Default. It also indicates that the house owner needs to take some steps to repay the mortgage otherwise the property will be ceased.

3. Pre-foreclosure: The house owner will get some time called grace period. This is called pre-foreclosure. The time will depend on the lender. According to the situation, it starts from 30 days to 120 days. At this time the owner can sell his or her house and pay the outstanding amount of the mortgage.

4. Auction: When the borrower cannot do anything according to the deadline, then the foreclosure auction will happen.

There’s plenty of houses as foreclosure in Canada. If you want some worth site to deliver all the related information about it, then you can visit the given website we mentioned earlier.

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