The Best Essential Oils to Relieve Pain

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In the past medicine men used to use essential oils to treat different kinds of health problems. They had some of the oils they used from natural trees that were used as a pain reliever. This pain relievers oils are quite effective, and they are even much better than the analgesics that are used in the modern days. Essential oils can be used to manage chronic pain and especially those that come as a result of Sciatica and arthritis. On top of easing the pain, these oils also act as remedies of the conditions in the body that are causing the pain. The following are essential oils for pain relieving.

Lavender Essential Oils

Lavender is one of the best remedies for relieving headaches that come due to tension and migraine. It has a sweet smell, and you will love it for sure. It is relaxing and soothing, and it has a sedative and mild effect that assist in relieving anxiety and stress that would later result in headaches. You get relieved in most cases when you just inhale the vapors of the lavender plant. Apply a few drops of the oil either on the forehead or on the neck to get faster results.

Chamomile Essential Oil

The chamomile oil from Germany id extracted from Matricaria chamomilla while that from Roman is extracted from Anthemis nobilis. They have analgesic properties which can be used for the treatment of neuralgia, headaches and also joint pains. They both can be used to relieve abdominal pains that are caused by gas due to its carminative effects. The Roman chamomile is much soothing and milder, and it can be used for treating irritability and discomfort in the abdomens of small children. The German chamomile is, however, more effective when it comes to the treatments of any pains that come as a result of inflammatory conditions. It effectively treats lower back pains, and bowel diseases in women as well as women with PMS.

Peppermint Essential Oil

It is among the essential oils that started to be used in the ancient days. It is got from a hybrid of natural watermint and Spearmint. Their smell is highly refreshing, and it comes with methanol which is the active ingredient and a main component of the essential oil. This oil has been put to medical use on many occasions due to its antispasmodic effect. It is quite effective in relieving stomachache, indigestion, and nausea. It soothes the intestinal and stomach lining and helps to get rid of painful spasms. It relieves pain caused by fibromyalgia, headache tensions and relaxes the lower back muscles.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

This essential oil is extracted from leaves and the barks of the eucalyptus tree. The powerful decongestant is good for pain-relieving because it has anti-inflammatory properties.  It is known for relieving pains that come with muscle injuries and sinus congestion. The oil is very strong, and it is advisable to dilute it with coconut oil before you apply it on the skin. It is ideal for treating insect bites and stings.

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