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The Quality of Dior Jewelry Is Second To None

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The quality of Dior jewelry is second to none, and much of the collection has been passed down through family generations. The gold and rose gold finishes on the jewelry are renowned for their brilliance. Other materials used in the creation of Dior jewelry include resin, leather, crystal, and embroidered cotton. These materials make it possible to customize a piece to match your personal style. Regardless of the material used, the Dior jewelry is sure to make an impact on your personality.

Quality of Dior Jewelry

Early Dior pieces feature poured glass elements. This jewelry is often mismatched, and the design is playful and fun. It’s not uncommon to see opals jostling with sapphires and diamonds. Mismatched earrings and ear cuffs are classic Dior pieces that convey youthful wearability and contemporary edge. You’ll find all of this in a variety of colors and metals. These pieces of jewelry are sure to be a conversation piece for years to come.

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Christian Dior’s belief that jewelry should be part of the wardrobe meant that his creations would be paired with his clothing collections sterling silver wholesale jewelry. This philosophy has led to a collection of adornments that retains its value and even increases in value with time. Most luxury fashion houses use brass as the base metal. Though brass is malleable, it will eventually tarnish. Nonetheless, it’s the most popular metal used in fashion houses.