Who is Making Money on the Net? In Which Regions People Earn Cash Online?

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It’s no secret that a lot of people are making, or at least claim to make, big money using the internet. There are several ways to earn money including affiliate marketing blog, selling advertising space either directly or through a service like Google AdSense and many more. A quick view at Google Trends can tell in which countries people are trying to earn money and in which countries people are spending money.

Where Affiliation Programs are Leaders?

Searching the term “Affiliate” in Google Trends resulted with a pretty straight line since 2004 until now. The countries in which this term is highly sought for are Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, India and the US. If you ever wondered, the first city in the US is Tampa FL. We must remember that the number of queries is normalized.

Who’s Making Money with Google AdSense?

Well, looking for “Google AdSense” in Google Trends resulted with a nice increase from mid-2004 until mid-2007 and a light decline since. The leading regions for this term are: Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Philippines and Singapore. US is not on the top 10. When looking at the trend of the term “Pay per Click”, we see a straight line with the leading countries: Indonesia, India, Philippines, Malaysia and South Africa. US is ranked 7 in which Gardena, CA is the top city overall.

Where is the Money Coming From?

One can imagine that a lot of the money changing hands over the internet come from costumers. The search terms “ebay” and “amazon”, of the biggest online stores or malls are in increasing trend and an unusual peek can be seen each year during the holidays. The countries in which those terms are extensively sought for are the UK, Germany, Japan, France, Italy, Austria, Australia and Italy. US is ranked 6 and 8 on amazon and ebay, respectively.

Gambling, another source of cash, doubtful as it is, is mainly sought for in South Africa, Israel, Australia and the US where the leading city is obviously Las-Vegas.

Even if this short test is not scientific, a trend in the origin of people spending money on the internet and in the origin of the ones trying to earn some money on the net can be observed. While online shoppers will usually be from wealthy regions like Japan, UK, France and Italy, people from Asia and Africa will be on the list of gainers. This test show that perhaps the internet has given equal opportunity to everyone and this tool is indeed leading to a global change.

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