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“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness”- uttered by famous American author John Steinbeck. Winter, the season of snow and cold, is favourite to many of us. But this season brings some extra worries to the new parents. Their little angel has not built the immune system to fight this rough weather yet. So, he/she is more prone to suffer colds and gastrointestinal infections. To keep them warm in this cold weather, wool baby clothes can be the best choice.

You can either choose organic wool like merino wool clothes or you can use synthetic wool clothes for your baby.

Merino kids

Which one is better?

Honestly speaking, organic wool baby clothes are the best choice for your baby.

  • It is insulating and breathable.
  • Clothes made from organic wool can regulate heat. That will protect your little one from overheating and help him to perspire.
  • These wool baby clothes are soft and comfortable for your baby’s tender skin.
  • Organic wool baby clothes are not scratchy. They will not cause any irritation.
  • Organic wool clothes repel molds and bacteria.
  • It resists stains and odors.

But, there is another fact that, these clothes can be used only for few months. After two-three months these clothes will become useless. And organic wool clothes are expensive. So, if you want to buy budget-friendly woolen clothes for your baby, synthetic wool baby clothes can be your best choice.

  • These wool clothes have almost all the features of a woolen cloth. Besides, they do not shrink like the organic wool clothes.
  • Also, it resists mildew as it is not organic.
  • Its color doesn’t fade quickly in the sun.

But I will suggest you to use organic wool baby clothes for your child. Though a bit expensive, it will protect your child from the harmful toxins.

When cleaning baby clothes you need to be careful. You need to clean them appropriately to keep your baby healthy. Woolen clothes are tough. So, you can wash them using the machine. But if you use hands for cleaning them it will increase the longevity of the clothes. Remember to use cold water instead of warm water.

Always use safe baby detergent for your junior. In the case of wool baby clothes you can also use baby shampoo. Never use chlorine bleach for baby’s clothes. It will weaken the fiber of the fabric. Besides, it can also be harmful to your baby. Drying wool baby clothes using towel is an effective way. Wrap the dress with a towel and gently squeeze water from it. Never hang the clothes as it may affect the shape of the clothes.


Apart from using woolen clothes you can also use wool as blanket or mattress for your baby. It is scientifically proved that sleeping on or under wool improves the quality of sleep. Generally, babies sleep 16 hours/day. Sleeping less than that may affect your baby’s health. You can try using wool instead of other bedding you are using in their cot.

Using wool baby clothes for your baby will comfort him and keep him warm and healthy.

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