Ten Signs to Watch for When the Real Estate Market Has Bottomed

Everyone is trying to pick a bottom in real estate. Many people assume that it can’t keep going down much further so a bottom must be coming. There is an old saying in the stock market, “you don’t want to catch a falling knife”. Translated it means, if you try to catch a bottom while things are falling you will cut yourself. Now, I have been in the boise id real estate market for over twenty years, including practicing it as a real estate broker and investing in it. I also have found that following indicators in the stock market gives you the ability to watch out for good and bad signs in any […]


The best place to buy party tents

Are you looking to make a great impression on your guests at a wedding or any other party? If that’s the case, one of the most excellent ideas someone has come up with was a party tent. Despite the fact that these things cost quite a lot of money, there are still more than enough people who go and make a purchase. But for those who have never bought a party tent, finding the perfect one that would suit all the needs could be a bit of a challenge. Sure, you could ask people you know, but their advice might not be the best. The ideal situation is when you had experience with a tent. […]