Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

Basics of Vertical Pressure Leaf Filters

The orientation of the filter element is the one that brings the whole difference between the horizontal leaf filters and the vertical pressure leaf filters. They are either used to filter cakes that have a solid concentration of below fifty percent and also for slurries polishing with low solids of below five percent. These vertical leaf filters are also wheel designed for handling corrosive, flammable and toxic materials. They may also be jacketed to be used for both the cold and the hot temperatures.  The features may, however, be unavailable for on the filter press since it will need the plates to be open in the atmosphere and also to shift them so as […]


The best place to buy party tents

Are you looking to make a great impression on your guests at a wedding or any other party? If that’s the case, one of the most excellent ideas someone has come up with was a party tent. Despite the fact that these things cost quite a lot of money, there are still more than enough people who go and make a purchase. But for those who have never bought a party tent, finding the perfect one that would suit all the needs could be a bit of a challenge. Sure, you could ask people you know, but their advice might not be the best. The ideal situation is when you had experience with a tent. […]